As energy use restrictions grow, consumers need more reliable, flexible and
affordable power-control solutions for lighting systems. ETC developed the Unison
Echo® family of products to meet those demands and to enable complete
integration of control systems. With the addition of EchoAccess and the DMX Scene
Controller – both of which are compatible with all currently shipping Echo hardware
– you can configure and customise self-contained systems, pre-sets and zones while
maintaining system wide control. Existing Echo products have also been updated in
terms of capabilities and features in order to better meet energy codes, such as
ASHRAE 90.1, CA Title 20/24 and IECC.

EchoAccess is ideal for those looking to utilise the full capabilities of the Echo
lighting system. Consisting of a Bluetooth interface and a mobile app, EchoAccess
allows you to remotely configure and control lighting zones, pre-sets and colour
with Android or iOS devices. “EchoAccess unlocks configuration of your Echo
system, allowing for complete customisation,’ explains ETC Architectural Controls
Product Manager Lowell Olcott. “It also supports varying levels of system access
with password protection, ensuring that only authorised users can configure system
functionality and other system attributes.’

Another powerful addition to the Echo family, the DMX Scene Controller uses
snapshot technology to capture lighting looks and save them for recall by Inspire®
stations, simplifying customisation and control of individual zones and fixtures.
Combined with EchoAccess, the DMX Scene Controller allows for lighting hue,
saturation and colour to be modified locally or remotely. “With remote capabilities
on your smartphone or tablet, you can control your lights from anywhere in your
space,’ continues Olcott. “This allows for local control of a system with devices that
people use every day.’

Together, EchoAccess and the DMX Scene Controller create completely integrated
lighting systems with self-contained controls that can be part of a larger system.
This makes them ideal for schools, college campuses, office buildings, sports
facilities, arenas and other installations that need a flexible, customisable and user
friendly lighting system.

Also coming soon to the Echo product family is the Echo Expansion Bridge. “The
capability of the Echo Expansion Bridge allows you to tie small, discrete Echo
systems into a complete control system, so you can monitor and control lighting on
a campus wide level, while maintaining local control within smaller spaces,’
explains Architectural Market Manager Bryan Palmer. The Echo Expansion Bridge
will be available to order in summer 2016.

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