LED technology not only turned the industry on its head, it also created new
complications in power-control system design. ETC has developed the ColorSource®
ThruPower cabinet for 230V lighting systems with this concept in mind. ColorSource
ThruPower gives customers a relay and dimmer on every one of the cabinet’s 12 or
24 circuits.

Changing settings from switched to dimmed power, or vice versa, can be done
locally with the cabinet’s user-friendly interface, while remote configurations are
possible with integrated Remote Device Management (RDM) functionality.
Customers can also expand the cabinet’s capabilities by adding DIN-rail accessories
– such as Ethernet, Echo Control Stations or Mosaic Show Controllers – for added
system functionality.

ColorSource ThruPower is a great solution for transitioning lighting systems
between tungsten and LED on a daily or weekly basis. “Smaller venues and
installations are very motivated to upgrade their lighting rigs to LED and moving
lights, but they may not initially have the budget for it,’ explains ETC Senior
Product Manager Erik Larsen. “The ColorSource ThruPower provides the right kind of
infrastructure that small systems need to support new – as well as old –

Smaller systems will also benefit from the simplicity of designing with a single-
contact input – for single-look playback – and patchable DMX512-A technology. In
addition, its fan-free, quiet operation allows it to be conveniently installed
backstage and on catwalks and flyways in small spaces where noise and space can
be an issue.

“Our goal is to never limit the art of our industry due to restrictions of system
infrastructure,’ explains ETC Vice President of Marketing David Lincecum. “We are
pleased that ColorSource ThruPower opens up small systems to professional lighting
at any level. Customers will have the freedom to use any type of lighting
instruments in their creative landscaping with this product.’