ETC has expanded its Unison Paradigm® line of architectural lighting controls,
increasing lighting station options with the line of Inspire® control stations and
making it easier to comply with stringent energy requirements with the new Dual
Tech sensors.

The powerful and elegant Inspire station, originally introduced in the Unison Echo®
product line, is now a member of the Paradigm family with an updated design and
the full feature set of the Paradigm control system. Stations come in a range of
styles and button configurations, which allow them to be a perfect match for any

The Inspire stations can be easily programmed for preset lighting looks, zone
control, space-combine functions or any other Paradigm control function. With one-,
two-, four-, six-, and eight-button station options ¬– as well as the four-button
station with a fader coming late summer ¬– the Inspire stations can be as tailored
as the light itself. Laser marked button labels identify each button, and custom
marked button caps are available to personalise any installation. The button caps
are easily replaceable in the field if control needs change with ongoing use.

Each button features a colour-controllable LED backlight that offers a quick visual
indicator of function and button state. And when it’s time to set looks, the Inspire
fader station offers basic intensity control as well as intuitive colour control for hue,
saturation, and intensity for colour mixing luminaires.

Contractors will appreciate the thought that went into making installation a snap.
The stations are standard sizes and can easily be ganged together to fit into any
control location required. Stations and faceplates are available in cream, grey,
black, and white, ensuring a visual fit in any setting. Behind the scenes the stations
use the LinkConnect two-wire, topology-free system to give installers the freedom
to put stations where needed without worrying about wiring.

The Paradigm Inspire button stations will be available at the end of April, with the
four-button fader station available in early summer.

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ETC’s new Dual Tech Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors are designed for restrooms,
privacy rooms and other areas where a lack of movement doesn’t necessarily mean
a space is unoccupied. The Dual Tech sensors take their name from the fact that
they couple passive infrared (PIR) detection with acoustic detection technology,
ensuring lights stay on when needed and turn off when they’re not.

Spaces of any size are supported by the new Dual Tech sensors, with multiple
mounting options including ceiling-, wall-, and switch-mounted configurations. More
installation customisations include the option to program either Occupancy or
Vacancy mode during commissioning, multiple coverage options – with a walk test
function to confirm coverage – and multiple finish options. Dual Tech Sensors meet
ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, and CA Title 24 codes, keeping occupants comfortable while
complying with current energy regulations. They are also UL listed and CE marked.

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