Extron recently announced the availability of their DSC HD-HD 4K A, a high
performance, HDCP 2.2-compliant HDMI to HDMI scaler. It accepts signals from
480i to 4096×2160, and produces a scaled output from 640×480 to 4096×2160. It
features 4:4:4 processing for signals up to 4096×2160 @ 30 fps. It incorporates the
Extron-exclusive Vector 4K scaling engine, specifically engineered for 4K
applications including full-motion video and highly detailed computer graphics. The
DSC HD HD 4K A scaler offers many integrator-friendly features, such as on-screen
display, stereo audio embedding and de-embedding, internal test patterns, and the
ability to display custom images and logos for on-screen corporate branding and
messaging. It’s ideal for AV systems with a mix of 4K and HD content and displays,
or for integrating 4K sources into systems with a 1080p infrastructure or
videoconferencing codecs.

Key Features

• 4:4:4 processing up to 4096×2160 @ 30 fps
• HDCP 2.2 compliant
• Accepts HDMI video from 480i up to 4096×2160
• Selectable output rates from 640×480 up to 4096×2160
• Advanced Extron Vector 4K scaling engine designed in-house for video and
computer applications
• Motion-adaptive deinterlacing for signals up to 1080i
• Displays user-supplied images for screen saver, corporate branding, and
HDCP notification
• Display on-screen logos with position and keying control
• HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding
• EDID Minder
• Supports custom EDID and output resolutions
• Internal video test patterns and audio pink noise generator
• Control and monitoring via Ethernet, RS-232, USB, or on-screen menus