Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce the AVEdge 100, a cable access enclosure
designed to mount onto the edge of a tabletop surface in semi-permanent
installations where cutting the surface is not desirable. An integrated clamp system
secures the enclosure to the tabletop surface without the need for tools or
additional parts. The AVEdge 100 accommodates two double-space Architectural
Adapter Plates – AAPs, Cable Pass-Through Brackets for up to eight AV cables, or
three Retractor cable retraction modules.

“We recognized a need for AV connectivity in semi-permanent environments where
installation must be quick and simple, and table surfaces could not be cut,” says
Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “The all-new AVEdge
is a unique solution to this need that quickly and easily brings AV connectivity, data,
and power to virtually any tabletop where convenient access is needed.”

AAP power modules are available to provide USB and/or AC power for mobile
devices and laptops. The optional CableCover is available to minimize cable tangles
and accidental disconnects, and the Extron ZipClip Series is available to mount
products, such as the PS Series Desktop Power Supply, directly to the enclosure.
The AVEdge 100 is available in a black powder coat finish.

For more information about the AVEdge 100, please visit: