FabFilter is proud to announce availability of FabFilter Pro-C 2, a major update to
the FabFilter Pro-C compressor plug-in. Five brand-new compression styles make
FabFilter Pro-C 2 even easier to set up and more effective in common scenarios
such as vocal processing, mastering or EDM pumping. It’s like getting five new
compressors! Together with an abundance of new features, such as lookahead,
range, hold, side-chain EQ, oversampling, and a fully redesigned user interface,
FabFilter Pro-C 2 surpasses its predecessor in every way while respecting the
original’s transparency and elegance.

Compress with style

FabFilter Pro-C 2 introduces five new, carefully designed compressor algorithms,
each with a unique character and feel. Using the Vocal style, getting a lead vocal
upfront in your mix is as easy as choosing the right threshold. The Mastering style
is designed to be as transparent as possible, while still being able to catch those
fast transients. To add a pleasant “glue’ to drums or mix buses, the Bus style will
work wonders! Finally, the Punch style delivers traditional, analog-like compression
behavior, which sounds good on anything, while the Pumping algorithm offers deep
and over-the-top pumping — great for drum processing or EDM.

All you need

A rich set of new features offers more control over the compressor’s sound and
character. The knee is now freely adjustable from 0 dB up to 72 dB, and the range
setting lets you easily limit the maximum amount of gain change. The smooth
lookahead (up to 20 ms) and hold settings help you to catch any peak while
minimizing distortion. The optional high-quality oversampling (up to 4x) further
ensures the most transparent results possible by reducing aliasing. Last but not
least, advanced side-chain EQ’ing and M/S processing is easier than ever thanks to
FabFilter Pro-C 2’s dedicated side-chain section.

Redesigned interface

The well laid-out, fully-redesigned Retina interface offers insightful metering with
real-time displays that will greatly improve workflow. The large animated
level/knee display visualizes exactly when, why and how compression is applied to
incoming audio. Accurate level meters show the exact peak and loudness values,
while the circular side-chain input meter turns finding the perfect threshold setting
into a trivial task. In short, FabFilter Pro-C 2 wraps superb sound quality and an
extensive feature set in a polished, timesaving user interface.