If the Atom is the basic building block of all matter, it can be argued that the sheer
versatility of GLP’s new impression X4 Atom — which will occupy a unique position
in the marketplace — will provide a fundamental tool for all lighting disciplines. And
since it is IP65 rated it can also be used in all applications, whether indoors or out,
all year round.

Size matters and the power of the Atom comes from a body that measures less
than 16cm long and weighs just 1.3kg. Within that body is a high powered 15 Watt
RGBW LED source that emits a bright beam with even colour distribution across a
full spectrum. Making the Atom unique in its class is a motorised zoom inside that
gives a mighty 9:1 ratio, running from 3.5°-34°, and adding a huge amount of

Increasing its usability in multiple applications and further extending its uniqueness
is the IP65 rating that the unit carries, allowing it to be used all year round outdoors
or in.

Furthermore, the X4 Atom features a clever interlock mechanism that allows units
to be built into different configurations quickly and easily. It is therefore set to
benefit multiple applications from TV and film, to corporate events, set lighting and
special events. Also benefitting will be concert touring stages, truss systems and
architectural elements, as the interlock system quickly turns single fixtures into 4-
Lites, 8-Lites or any other shape.

“You can quickly create all kinds of configurations — in seconds and without tools,’
says GLP Inc president, Mark Ravenhill. “If you want to mimic molefays, you can, if
you want to create groundrows, you can, if you want to make a little 2-Lite or a
stadium style light fitting, then you can — and you still have full control over each
head individually.’

Control for the Atom heads is via an Atom PSU controller — commencing with a 12-
way, but with a 6-way and other models to follow. The PSU supplies power and data
down a single 4 pin XLR cable to each Atom head. “Since it uses the same format as
industry standard colour scroller cable, all the rental houses who have stopped
using colour changers can now repurpose all that existing cable and infrastructure
— meaning less investment for them and reduction of overall environmental impact
of the Atom,’ says Ravenhill.

Rounding out the feature set, the impression X4 Atom contains the advanced
features that GLP customers have come to expect, including adjustable flicker free
control, beautiful colour mixing, smooth dimming without any colour shift, variable
speed strobe, — and much more.

Shipping of the GLP impression X4 Atom has now begun.