InFocus recently launched the Mondopad – their first all-in-one giant tablet for business-class video conferencing and collaboration.

Measuring 55 inches, the HD wall tablet combines intuitive touch collaboration applications with Vidtel’s any-to-any, cloud-based video conferencing to offer a disruptively priced all-in-one collaboration display.

“The Mondopad’s natural touch interface changes the way people interact with information; collaborate and connect. Meetings are more engaging, content is more immersive and audiences are more engaged,’ says a spokesperson from InFocus.

High-quality cloud video conferencing

InFocus partnered with Vidtel, a cloud video conferencing service provider, to make business-grade video conferencing as easy as making a phone call.
Unlike traditional video conferencing, the Mondopad requires no upfront infrastructure investment or IT resources and connects to all SIP and H.323 standards-based end-points and many proprietary video conferencing platforms – from popular free consumer video conferencing applications like Google Chat, to enterprise telepresence systems from Polycom and Cisco. With the Mondopad, Vidtel has solved significant video conferencing interoperability issues so organisations don’t have to hassle when adopting the same equipment and service to connect with external partners.

The Mondopad’s 720p HD video camera and sound bar are designed specifically for video conferencing to eliminate conference room clutter and enhance the audio quality of dialogue. “The combination of the Mondopad wall tablet and the Vidtel managed service yields an affordable, high quality, standards-based visual collaboration solution that is easy to install, manage and use. It is this type of solution that will help video conferencing break into the SMB space,’ says Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner, Wainhouse Research.

Transform conference rooms into collaboration rooms

Offering a 55-inch full-HD 1080p (1920×1080) LCD display and designed for multi-touch from the ground up, the Mondopad changes the way people interact with information and each other.

Sharing documents and visuals in a meeting is exceptionally easy, whether users are local or remote. The Mondopad’s multi-touch display works with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, JPEGs and more. Presentation, whiteboard and annotation applications – including a complete set of writing and drawing tools – open the dialogue, increase engagement and make it easy to brainstorm and quickly save and distribute ideas. Multiple Mondopads on the same network support multi-party whiteboard sessions.

Share, view and control on any device

Local or remote users can easily share, view and control presentations from their PC, tablet or smartphone.

The Mondopad’s WiFi ensures meeting participants have the right level of access: from authorised users connecting directly to a corporate network through the display, to meeting guests being able to easily deliver documents to the display or access the Internet without connecting to an organisation’s private network. There is also an option that allows remote participants to see what’s on the Mondopad via a web page served by the Mondopad.

Monitor and manage the Mondopad from anywhere

IT administrators and managed service providers can securely monitor and manage the Mondopad from anywhere. Embedded Intel vPro technologies and compatibility with remote monitoring and management software provide immediate access for controlling, analysing and administering the Mondopad as a hooked IT asset. Administrators can also add their own Windows applications to the Mondopad.

Key features

• Multi-touch high definition 55 inch display
• Flexible and expandable with built-in Windows PC
• Digital interactive whiteboard and document annotation
• Business-class video conferencing
• Share, view and control from your tablet or smartphone
• Full copy of Microsoft Office ensures file compatibility

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