HARMAN’s Martin Professional today announced the RUSH FiberSource 1 is now
shipping. As the latest addition to the RUSH by Martin line of affordable lighting
solutions, the RUSH FiberSource 1 is a powerful tool for illuminating fiber optic
cables in permanent installations.

With a new 78 W LED fiber projector, the RUSH FiberSource 1 can light up to 300 1
mm fiber optic cables and boasts improved efficiency and reliability. The luminaire
features a color wheel with nine interchangeable colors, a twinkle wheel for
variable-speed sparkling effects, and smooth, full-range (0-100 percent) electronic
dimming.The fixture is fully controllable via DMX (up to five channels) as well as a
stand-alone mode that ensures any combination of colors, color speed and twinkle
speed can be easily programmed.

“LED technology is evolving and is now also taking over traditional fiber applications
and hard-to-maintain areas such as star ceilings,’ said Mark Buss, Product Manager,
RUSH by Martin. “The RUSH FiberSource 1 will offer brightness and the desired
effect in these kinds of applications.’

The fixture is built with a black steel and aluminum housing and features a wide
variety of accessories for adapting to any installation requirements.

Courtesy: Live Design Online