At this year’s NAB Riedel Communications, one of the leading provider of real-time networks for video, audio and communications, introduced a new range of video cards for MediorNet Modular and MediorNet Compact. The set includes the universal video card MN-HDO-4IO for MediorNet Modular and the MN-C-OPT-HDMI suite for MediorNet Compact Pro.

The MN-HD0-4IO is a universal input and output card offering four SFP ports that can be individually equipped with specially developed video interfacing SFPs for HDMI I/O, DVI or composite PAL/NTSC.

The new MN-C-OPT-HDMI cards offer HDMI connectivity for MediorNet Compact Pro frames. The MN-C-OPT-HDMI card is available in three different configurations: two in/outputs each; four inputs; or four outpu