The TXQ series is a new 4-channel version of the previous TX power amplifiers.
Offering the same features as the TX, the new TXQ is the best solution for those sound
reinforcement applications requiring a multichannel amplifier with mid output power
density and very good sound characteristics, but on an affordable budget

Implementing digital (Class D) amplification technology with Power Factor Correction
(PFC) and a Universal R-SMPS power supply (90V – 260V), it allows to drawn current
from the mains in a more efficient way, translating to higher output power with lower
power consumption. Additionally PFC improves audio quality by generating lower
harmonics of the mains frequency thus reducing hum and induced distortion.

The TXQ series includes 3 models with per channel output powers of 750W/2Ω
(TX300Q), 1250W/2Ω (TX500Q), and 1600W/2Ω (TX650Q).

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