What the South African visitors thought of the show, in terms of new products launched, information, innovation, accessibility and atmosphere, as well as how the show compared to previous ISE shows and what our local visitors hoped to gain from attending.

Bruce Genricks, Electrosonic SA
My overall impression of the show was that it was big, busy and had more attendees than ever before. It was a bit of an information overload as there was so much to see in such a short time. Trying to distil the information you need and record what you can so that it’s useful when you return was challenging.

In the line of innovation, there weren’t many “brand new’ concepts but the products were certainly quicker, smaller and had higher resolutions. The development of the 3D projection mapping was impressive and a lot easier to implement than before. As always, it was definitely worth the time especially with the opportunities to talk directly to our suppliers and even our dealers – we love to be able to give them first-hand information.

We attend ISE to see and learn about the latest products, network with our suppliers and take the opportunity to show Electrosonics’ dealers that we are dedicated to what we do. The 3D projection mapping technology most certainly caught my eye. However, it was nice to see the 4K products now becoming available as products as opposed to just concepts. I was also impressed that 4K is happening at 60hz instead of 30hz.

And lastly, I was happy to see the ever-increasing resolution in LED displays. Although I did not attend last year, I did attend 2013 – from previous shows, I found this year much better in terms of size, attendance, numbers and quality of exhibition stands.

Nicholas Scott, Dimension Data

The show was insanely busy and overwhelming at times, but still definitely worth it. It was an overload of information due to trying to get everything in in three days. Hopefully next year’s four-day show will allow us to spend more time at the various stands, and attend a few more InfoComm sessions.

Amsterdam is always nicely accessible being in Europe and a great vibe with all the AV nerds! I went to get first-hand information of new releases and see what the new global trends are. I noticed that less than 2mm LED, 4k, laser projectors, image warping and cloud are very popular. I attended the show in 2012 and this time there was a larger focus on unified communications.

Phil Lord, Christie Digital
I got a very positive impression of the show – we had a very busy stand with many visitors from Africa (existing customers and new opportunities). There was a particularly strong turn out from South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria. In terms of information, innovation, accessibility and the atmosphere, it was definitely worth my time attending – I thought the show in general was very well organised. Christie are a major exhibitor and long-time supporter of ISE – I was manning our stand for the three show days and – aside from numerous customer meetings – we also connected with some end users and consultants, which provided us with a huge amount of leads for the EMEA region.

In terms of impressive new products (I did not manage to leave the stand) however, Christie launched the new Boxer 3 Chip DLP projector as well as the new “H’ series range of high brightness 1 Chip DLP projectors. I have attended all 12 ISE exhibitions and this year’s was certainly one of the busiest – I am looking forward to the show being an extra day next year so I can hopefully have a look around myself!

Michael van Rensburg, TiD
I found ISE 2015 to be very well organised and remarkably quick to gain entrance to the show on the first day where you still have to get your entrance ticket printed and scanned – it took less than five minutes! We normally don’t get too much time to “experience’ the show as a whole as our schedules for seeing suppliers is quite full. But it was easy to get around, everything is well marked out and indicated through various signage and printed media. It is always worth our time to have a face-to-face catch up with our suppliers and discuss the year ahead and get first hand info on new products and things in the pipeline. Our main purpose for attending the show is to see suppliers and attend distributor meetings by our suppliers for the agencies we hold. We were hoping to sign up a few new agencies and expand on current relationships and everything is in line to closing those deals.

A few products that caught my eye included some new products from one of our main suppliers, Beyerdynamic, featuring a new wired conference system named Orbis with a variety of delegate and chairman microphone units available from desktop, flush and under table units. The wireless conference system from Beyerdynamic, Quinta, is now featuring voting as well as a new feature to the solution. A new Revoluto vertical array microphone was also revealed at ISE 2015, for official release towards April 2015 at the next big trade show. This new vertical array microphone will work in stand-alone applications as well as in integrated audio solutions and conference systems. From Lab.Gruppen the new PLM+ series touring amplifiers that was released Q4 of 2014 was also on display and features upgraded Lake DSP and rational power management whereby you can allocate the available total power of the amplifier as you require over the four output channels. From Biamp systems, the key focus is on integrated audio over IP solutions with Tesira, and the key defining feature of the TesiraFORTE product line of fixed IO dsp’s is the standard eight-channel USB Audio port for use in soft codec video and audio conferencing.

I have only visited the show once before last year for the first day to see key suppliers, so I can’t give an accurate perception, but it is an overall well-organised show and is one of the key expos on our yearly calendar.

Tiaan Hoogstad, TiD
ISE is the quintessential show for any AV professional in Africa. As it should be, it is bigger every year and we tend to see an increase of the amount of partners (integrators) that attend every year. The show was absolutely worth my time as it is very informative and brings us up to date with the latest products, technology and inspiration for the local market.

We attend every ISE to meet with suppliers as well as meeting with local partners to introduce them to our suppliers directly and show them new advances and products. We always focus on building our relationships with suppliers and partners alike at ISE and it was a very successful show for TID as a company. Two of the brands that TID distribute won InAVation awards at the show; the Tannoy CMS 3 loudspeakers and the Biamp Tesira Forte DSP. Cloud electronics launched a loudspeaker range, Beyerdynamic launched a host of new conferencing products which includes quinta conferencing to include voting. Biamp is always an exciting stand to visit with a focus on Tesira Forte as well as the best Barista in all of Amsterdam making the coffee! This year’s show was bigger and better with a definitive focus on Dante, and I noticed many more attendees coming from Africa and that is a very good sign.