South African lighting designer Peter Rieck is the proud owner of one of MA
Lighting’s new dot2 XL-F consoles. Rieck, an industry professional for 15 years and
one of the country’s leading television lighting specialists recently launched a new
company, Rieck’s, headed by himself. Having been an MA user for the last seven or
so years, the first thing the new venture did was purchase its own dot2.

“It made complete sense’ he stated, “It’s small and light enough to easily fit in my
car or go on the plane, and powerful enough to run the majority of the shows on
which I am currently working.’ Having his own console means he can always have
his control platform of choice. Rieck was delighted that MA’s small and highly
versatile dot2 was also within a reasonable price range. The console was supplied
via MA’s South African distributor, DWR Distribution CC.

“It’s the easiest desk I have ever operated,’ he declares. Rieck has had practical
experience with most other major consoles. As a freelance designer, programmer
and operator, he stresses the importance of being able to go on site and start
programming immediately.

“Schedules are always tight’ he explained, and as he is also lucky enough to be
very busy, it’s completely logical that his clients hire him and the best tool for him
to complete the job of producing a good show. “The functionality of the larger MA
consoles is all there’ he observes, adding that it enables him to do 3D visualisation
and networking, and the 8 universes of DMX give dynamic control over a good sized
lighting rig.

He likes the fact that dot2 XL-F has lots of faders for instant access, wings can be
added if needed, and he really loves the three tidy-sized touch-screens, which work

In 10 minutes – literally – “I can be running a show on it’. He’s also currently
training a small group of other operators to assist and work on shows, and
comments that after even a brief outline of the basics they can start programming.
“It really is that simple and user-friendly,’ he underlines.

At just over 15kg it’s also completely practical for flying and its next international
trip will be to Kenya. His first South African show with his dot2 was a music show
“Coke Studio’s’ produced by Goodnoize Productions and will be broadcast on E-TV, a
collaboration between established and rising artists producing new music, which
was recorded at the SABC M1 studios in Johannesburg.

Every song needed a new and different look so there was plenty of programming
involved to light 45 songs in under three weeks. “I was able to work extremely
quickly and efficiently on the dot2,’ Rieck says with a big smile.