Jasco has brought a new, advanced fibre optic ducting solution to the South African market that promises to revolutionise the implementation of fibre optic networks, increasing the speed and ease of deployment and lowering costs significantly. Available nationally since February 2018, Jasco believes the unique sub-ducting features of the product will enjoy rapid adoption by all major and minor fibre implementers.

“Demand for fibre in South Africa continues to grow, and fibre providers are keen to find ways to lower the cost and effort involved in trenching and putting the fibre in the ground,” says Martin Ferreira, executive head of Jasco Carrier Solutions. “This solution will deliver both, with early adopters achieving a significant advantage.”

What makes this solution so revolutionary? Is that where traditional 110mm pipes are laid into the ground, additional 35mm sub-ducting would need to be hauled into the 110mm pipe (where multi-type cables are sharing one pipe) to prevent twisting and breakage.

“With 35mm sub-ducting already built into the main pipe, saves on effort and breakage challenges can be minimised,” explains Ferreira. As soon as the ducting is laid, the fibre can be blown in. This translates to faster implementation, less maintenance and faster rollout of services. It reduces time to market and cost to implement.”

The new 110mm fibre sleeve with sub-ducting is available from Jasco Carrier Solutions with three to seven way subducts. The company will also be offering a range of fibre sleeves from this portfolio with micro ducts, ranging from 2-way up to 14-way micro ducts.

Produced in the Middle East as a by-product of the oil industry, the fibre ducting is highly cost-effective. It is rugged and reliable and meets all required standards.

Jasco is currently the only vendor supplying the solution to the South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa markets. The product is available nationally, with stockholding and distribution from Jasco’s Cape Town, Midrand and Durban offices.