Visit Kramer & Sierra Video at InfoComm 2014 to see their exciting products, including the following featured models below:

VIA Collage

Kramer Electronics announces the VIA Collage™ Wireless Collaboration device which allows people to Meet Smarter. The VIA Collage solves BYOD challenges and allows for the effective integration of PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, allowing users to wirelessly collaborate in any meeting. The VIA Collage also allows for video streaming and the main unit even has an HDMI input to allow the integration of an external video source to a meeting. Up to 6 presenters’ screens can be displayed on a single display device and up to 12 can be shown simultaneously when two display devices are used. The VIA Collage also supports third party applications such as Skype®, Go To Meeting®, Lync®, WebEx® and more. The digital canvas created by the Collage allows meeting participants to all work on the same document in real time and save the results to their device. Kramer’s VIA Collage – Infinite Meeting Possibilities!


The VP-773AMP incorporates many technology advancements including the ability to set an EDID for each input of the unit, ensuring connected sources will send the best signal possible to match the display. The VP-773AMP also includes a unique Emergency Alert feature that will allow any video screen connected to a VP-773AMP to instantly display an alert message. Important campus wide (educational or corporate) safety messages can be delivered quickly and effectively. The VP-773AMP also has superior scaling quality, ultra-fast glitch-free switching and 8 inputs including 4 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, 2 computer graphics video and 1 composite video, along with 3 simultaneously active outputs, 2 HDMI along with 1 HDBaseT. The unit also includes an audio amplifier and speaker outputs.


The VP−794 is a high−performance scaler/switcher with edge−blending & warp processing developed specifically for multiple screen applications. It scales the incoming signal, processes the image through the use of HQV processing technology and provides professional grade edge-blending, flexible warping control and comprehensive geometry correction. The unit can output the signal as a 3G HD−SDI, DVI/HDMI or computer graphics video signal along with S/PDIF audio.


K-Touch allows you to turn common touch screen devices into interfaces that can communicate with Kramer control systems over standard IT networks. With simple cloud-based configuration software, you can build a beautiful and fully customizable graphical user interface (GUI) for your iOS or Android device to add a level of elegance to your application that was never before possible within this price point.

New families of speakers

Kramer offers three distinct families of speakers which will meet every Pro AV sound reinforcement goal. Kramer offers the Galil, Yarden and Tavor lines of speakers. Our Galil family is our line of value oriented closed back ceiling and on-wall commercial speakers for AV. The Yarden family is our high performance line of closed back ceiling, ceiling tile and on-wall commercial speakers with Kevlar Woofers and where applicable, Titanium Tweeters. The Tavor models are powered ceiling tile and on-wall speakers that also have Kevlar Woofers and Titanium Tweeters. All our speakers can operate as either 70V or 100V and are 8ohm.

Keep an eye out because soon Kramer will add a fourth family, the Dolev family which will be a line of studio monitor speakers.