The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH are members of the new Kramer family of high−performance, easy−to−use, bidirectional hardware and software interface systems. The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH can enable control of RS−232 and/or RS−485 controllable machines via an Ethernet LAN. These products give installers the ability to implement simultaneous control over several AV devices (the number depends on exact model) spread throughout an installation by offering bidirectional Ethernet to serial conversion. Each product operates as a network server, which means they accept network connections, but do not initiate them.

All setup and maintenance of the FC devices are managed by built−in web pages, which are accessible through any common web browser. The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH offer 1/2/4 (respectively) serial ports for AV device control with one of them being a RS−232/RS−485 dual−use serial port.

The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH all support network connectivity, which allows users to connect a Kramer (or other) device via its RS−232 or RS−485 port to an Ethernet LAN. These products are also able to control up to three RS−232 devices and one RS−232/RS−485 device/s (FC model dependent) via Ethernet from a PC and can control a device from multiple Ethernet points (up to 40 PCs or remote controllers), via a LAN or the Internet. In addition, these products include Windows® based Virtual Port software for setting up virtual ports on a PC.

The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH also feature easy setup and configuration of the FC devices through their built−in web pages (compatible with most common web browsers), remote firmware upgrades, and 1U rack space with the optional rack adapters.