LAB.GRUPPEN has announced that the new version of its Application Browser
configuration software for its LUCIA range of compact power amplifiers is
immediately available for free download on its website. The download is accessible
in the Support/Downloads section of the site or by using this link: Versions are downloadable for
Mac or Windows.

With the new software, all six LUCIA amplifiers including the two new 70 V models
can access the full set of matrixing and DSP features, some of which were
previously restricted to the premium M-suffix models that offer additional inputs
and line level outputs. The common harmonized feature set now includes custom EQ
on inputs, custom EQ or preset recall for each discrete output, reconfigurable GPI
ports, and LAB.GRUPPEN’s exclusive ADLC (Automatic Dynamic Loudness
Contouring). Each model also offers matrix mixing of all inputs to all available
outputs as determined by the model’s available hardware I/O capability.

For users who previously purchased the LUCIA 120/2, the software release enables
a major upgrade of DSP capabilities at no extra cost, as the new features are
unlocked by the software/firmware upgrade.

LAB.GRUPPEN also has announced that LUCIA 70 V models (240/1-70 and 120/1-70)
for constant voltage applications, launched at Infocomm in June, are now shipping.