HARMAN’s Martin Professional has announced that the Martin® M-DMX is now
shipping. The interface hardware is ideal for connecting lighting software and DMX
universes as well as several new controller solution bundles, including the M-PC 2U
bundle and the LightJockey 2 and M-PC+ Controller kit.

The Martin M-DMX is a rugged aluminum extruded device and is built with two XLR
5-pin DMX ports, a USB 2.0 Connection and a K-lock slot for securing the device.
The interface also features a new stackable design, LED indicators and isolated dual
output. The M-DMX is compatible with Martin’s LightJockey and M-PC software, M-
Series Consoles, Fixture Upload software, and is backwards compatible with
Martin’s Duo-DMX interface. Both DMX ports support RDM for fixture communication
and DMX input for remote playback control and capturing of existing lighting cues.

Martin’s M-PC 2U is a professional two-DMX universe package, bundling Martin’s M-
PC software and the newly designed M-DMX two-port DMX interface. As the latest
entry to Martin’s renowned M-Series family, the M-PC 2U bundle is the most cost-
effective lighting software in its class.

The new LightJockey 2 and M-PC+ Controller kit combines Martin’s LightJockey, M-
PC, and ShowDesigner software into single package. The bundle comes standard
with a Martin M-DMX device, a Martin One-Key license dongle with M-PC+ (four
universes) and a LightJockey 2 four-universe license as well as a Martin
ShowDesigner 6 Lite six-month trial license. Martin has also introduced a new
license set that expands the M-PC+ license up to 128 universes.

“Our customers will experience more flexibility and benefit from the modern,
rugged design of the Martin M-DMX, and the M-PC2U is a very cost-effective
controller solution,’ said Paul Pelletier, Product Manager for Controllers, Martin
Professional. “I’m very happy to release these new and updated controller solutions
to the market.’