Following the customer, partner, and media enthusiasm seen after releasing the
Matrox® Maevex™ 6100 series of multi-stream 4K products, Matrox Graphics
recently unveiled an all-new multi-4K capable stand-alone encoding appliance. The
Maevex 6150 quad 4K encoder appliance affords the full feature set of the Maevex
6100 quad encoder PCI Express® card, delivering industry-leading quad 4K capture
plus multiple encodes to stream and/or record at low bit rates. Offering four or
more channels simultaneously, the Maevex 6150 provides an all-in-one, dual
density form factor with the additional IO befitting an appliance.

With flexible encoding administration options, the Maevex 6150 can be easily
programmed and controlled with the included robust Matrox PowerStream Plus™
software, managed via custom applications using the PowerStream Plus API, or
started/stopped directly on-device with designated on-appliance buttons.

“The Maevex 5150 encoder and decoder appliances are extremely popular devices
in digital signage, corporate communications, and military applications. The Maevex
6150 appliance builds on that success and will allow users with high-density
streaming requirements, 4K and general high-quality desktop encoding needs to
attain the results they require,’ said Ron Berty, business development manager,
Matrox Graphics. “Our customers will be excited to discover how easily and flexibly
they’ll be able to put 4K streams onto their network—with the existing bandwidth
they have available—and under the same software and development umbrella as
the Maevex 5100 Series.’

Value added Maevex 6150 features:

• Integrate 4K streaming and recording seamlessly into workflow, with per-
input, zero-latency pass-throughs providing content to local workstations in real-

• Preview media through a composited DisplayPort™ output display to ensure
all content appears exactly as intended before transmission.

• Find device IP and multiple stream addresses, system information, and other
key information on the on-device LCD screen; allowing for swift operation and
troubleshooting without need for a separate display.

• Operate without a dedicated system; six on-appliance buttons allow
commands (start/stop streaming and recording) to be executed directly on-device in
instances where software access is limited.

• Safeguard content integrity with three integrated USB connectors to preserve
content to connected mass storage.

• Encode and autosync HDMI® and/or analogue audio inputs, with support for
whatever AV content streaming your installation requires.

Matrox will be demonstrating the capabilities of the Maevex 6150 quad encoder
appliance at NAB 2017 (Las Vegas, NV. Las Vegas Convention Center, Apr. 24-27,
Stand: SL 6316).

Matrox Maevex 6150 will be available in Q3 2017. R
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