Matrox® Video, a leader in broadcast and streaming video technology, today
announced a major firmware update for the H.264 based Matrox Monarch LCS™
lecture capture appliance.

Through the new scheduler function, the Monarch LCS can now be set to start
automatically before an event (e.g. lectures, corporate presentations, religious
services) without any human intervention required. The Monarch LCS scheduler
supports the iCalendar (.ics) standard, which can be generated by a variety of
scheduling applications including Google Calendar™ and Microsoft Outlook®.
Allowing identification of multiple devices on a single master calendar, when the
schedule is imported to a Monarch LCS appliance, it will automatically start and stop
streaming and recording events at times corresponding to that individual device.

The Monarch LCS’s updated ability to record files locally to an SD card or attached
USB drive, and then transfer the data to network-mapped drives at a later time, is
an invaluable feature for IT administrators as it reduces the demand on the network
during peak times. This also avoids data loss during peak-hour transfers due to
errors or connectivity issues. Transfers can be triggered manually or pre-
programmed to occur at a pre-set time each day. The Monarch LCS tracks
successful file transfers and avoids retransferring unless it is specifically requested.
Failed or incomplete transfers are also tracked and tagged for future retransfer.

“Matrox has a long reputation of providing robust updates to our product lines and
this release is proof of that continued tradition,’ says Dan Maloney, technical
marketing manager, Matrox. “This update provides value, increases ease of use and
reliability, and lowers overall demands on network infrastructures and IT

Matrox products are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers.
The latest Monarch LCS firmware is now available to registered users as a free
download from the Matrox website. The full Monarch LCS user guide is available here.