Adding to the Matrox® Monarch HDX’s already robust feature set, Matrox today
announced the integration of closed captioning (CC) capture and streaming support
into the Monarch HDX™ streaming and recording appliance, offering broadcasters
greater options to transmit accessible video—from broadcast to digital signals—to
all online viewers.

Ideal for broadcasters who require the integration of CC while streaming and/or
recording, Monarch HDX retrieves captioning data from the SDI VANC or line 21,
then embeds the data within the H.264 essence as CEA-608. This caption-enhanced
content can be streamed (RTMP) to media servers such as Wowza™ or content
delivery networks (CDNs) including YouTube Live or Ustream, or recorded as
MOV/MP4 files, and then be decoded by players such as Telestream® Switch™.

“Closed captioning has been essential in ensuring that all viewers have the
opportunity to get a fulfilling television experience,’ said Francesco Scartozzi,
director of sales (Americas), Matrox Video. “Adding this valuable feature to the
Monarch HDX provides broadcasters a cost-effective way to offer the same
accessibility to their on-line content as they do their on-air content.’

From any SDI or HDMI input source such as a camera or switcher, Matrox Monarch
HDX generates two H.264-encoded video streams at bitrates from 200 Kbps to 30
Mbps. Powerful frame-synchronization, scaling, deinterlacing and noise reduction
engines ensure only pristine images are sent to the encoders. For streaming
purposes, the encoders use either RTMP or RTSP protocol to deliver live streams to
local or cloud-based media servers. In recording applications, the encoders write
MP4 or MOV files to local USB drives, SD cards or network-mapped drives for post-
event editing or archiving. An additional, dedicated encoder provides remote
preview of the input.

Matrox Video products are available through a worldwide network of authorized
dealers. The latest Monarch HDX firmware is now available to registered users as a
free download from the Matrox website