NEC Display Solutions Europe has added two new models to its range of MD Series of medical grade displays, aimed at aiding the transition of primary diagnostic displays from greyscale to LED colour. It has also significantly refreshed its GammaCompMD QA software suite with a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) and integration of the QAXRAY module to support the latest Quality Assurance standards.

The MD211C3 and MD242C2 are 21.3- and 24.1-inch LED backlit displays for viewing colour and greyscale digital images for diagnosis by trained physicians. The high brightness 3MP resolution of the MD211C3 makes it a perfect upgrade for legacy grayscale and older colour products. Similarly, the wide-screen 2.3MP MD242C2 is a seamless replacement for two 1MP displays, which means users avoid the issue of having two separate displays that age differently. Applications for both monitors include diagnostics image reporting in radiography as well as primary diagnostics imaging, X-Ray, CT, MRI, PET diagnosis and other medical imaging techniques.

“Diagnostic imaging is undergoing a huge shift in imaging technology with a move towards colour and even 3D rendering. NEC is retaining its commitment to offering the most up-to-date technologies for every aspect of our end-to-end hospital solution portfolio,’ said Shinji Nohara, Medical Solution Manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

Of particular note is the MD211C3 featuring the best possible high brightness UA-SFT (IPS) technology for the most stable viewing performance. The combination of LED backlighting and significantly smaller in-built calibration front sensor and ambient light sensor ensure long-lasting white point and brightness stability within a minimal design.

With a DisplayPort connector and an ergonomic stand that allows for 150mm height-adjust, tilt, pivot and swivel, the displays are easy to install and use. They also feature NEC’s unique ‘Quick Screen QA’ feature, which allows for easy and fast PC-independent quality assurance testing. The monitors also allow for sensor re-calibration according to the international IEC 62563-1 standard and the anticipated new DIN 6868-157 standard. Furthermore, the new Human Sensor in the MD211C3 helps to reduce energy consumption when not in use.

“Hospitals are one of the most demanding digital imaging sectors, and so advancements require a perfect balance of outstanding innovation and rigorous compliance and reliability,” added Nohara. “These new LED backlit displays, combined with our ever evolving quality assurance control software, ensure that we can help the medical industry make the most of the latest medical breakthroughs.”

In keeping with its medical credentials, both the MD211C3 and MD242C2 are seamlessly integrated into the GammaCompMD QA software suite, which has been given a completely refreshed graphical user interface and a complete integration of the QAXRAY module. This software performs routine display configuration and ensures consistent image quality conforming to all necessary quality assurance standards, either locally or over the network through the optional GammaCompMD QA Server.

The NEC model MD211C3 and MD242C2 are medical devices Class I, following the requirements of the EU directive 93/42EC. To guarantee the display performance as specified, the displays must only be used in conjunction with NEC approved display controller boards based on industry standard models from Matrox, AMD and Nvidia for best imaging performance and compatibility with GammaCompMD QA software.

Availability and warranty

The NEC MD211C3 and MD242C2 will be available from May 2013. Each unit includes the display, power cord, DVI-D to DVI-D signal cable, DisplayPort cable, USB cable, quick reference guide, CD-ROM with user guides and GammaCompMD Client QA software. NEC Display Solutions Europe offers a three-year service warranty including the backlight.