Neets Switching Relay – 8 provides total control in complex applications such as larger corporate conference rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums. Automatic, programmable control is provided for all devices requiring AC power on/off: projector lifts, screens, curtains and architectural lighting. Multiple relay activations can be immediate and simultaneous, or programmed for activation in a timed sequence.

Neets Switching Relay – 8 incorporates a full range of options for real-time system control, including RS-232, IR or LAN. The unit is designed to join with Neets Control – DelTa, or other AV control systems, to facilitate seamless integrated control of projectors, audio and video sources, and audio mixing along with relay switching functions. All functions are easily programmable using Neets Project Designer software. The unique “Back Block’ module extends versatility by converting Euroblock relay connectors to standard IEC C13 connectors.

Also, as with all Neets products, elegantly understated Danish design adds value – particularly in high-end installations (e.g. corporate conference rooms) where equipment racks may be in full view.

Neets Switching Relay – 8 Highlights

• 8 relays – Control for multiple devices, including screens and room lighting/darkening

• High or low voltage – Switching for high-voltage AC or low voltage DC

• Eight I/O ports – Flexible control for AV and auxiliary devices

• Test buttons with LED status – Front panel controls for testing during installation

• LAN to RS-232 breakout – Adds two additional RS-232 ports to the system

• Easy integration in Neets Project Designer – Fully integrated into Neets Project Designer

• “Back Block’ option – Module converts Phoenix connectors to IEC standard AC power outlets

Neets Switching Relay – 8 will be shipping from May 1st 2014 and be available locally through local Neets distributors.