Housed in a stylish 1U rack-mount enclosure, Neets Audio Amplifier – 120 supplies two channels of robust amplification for driving the high-quality loudspeakers typically used in larger conference rooms, lecture halls and many commercial establishments.

At the heart of Neets Audio Amplifier – 120 is the advanced ICEpower® Class D module. ICEpower® is an independent subsidiary of Bang & Olufsen a/s and being engineered in Denmark, ICEpower® delivers robust power, full bandwidth response and extremely low distortion with 90% efficiency. In two-channel mode the amplifier can be used for stereo reproduction of video soundtracks or for driving speakers in two separate audio zones. In bridged mode, it is suitable for driving multi-way full range systems or subwoofers with 450W@4Ω.

Neets Audio Amplifier – 120 is installer-friendly in every respect. Rack installation is quick and easy using solder-free Euroblock connectors. Comprehensive protection features guard against damage to the amplifier or connected loudspeakers. For energy savings, an intelligent signal-sensing circuit places the unit on standby when no input signal is present for 13 minutes; full operation is quickly restored when signal resumes at input. Alternatively, power functions can be controlled in manual mode from external AV controllers such as Neets Control – DelTa.

Neets Amplifier – 120 Highlights

2 x 120W@4Ω audio amplifier – Power to drive larger room systems

Outstanding audio quality – Low distortion and full audio bandwidth response

Flexible output modes – Discrete two-channel or bridged mono for higher power (1 x 450W@4Ω)

Universal power supply – Operates on any AC line current (110-230V)

Energy-saving design – Auto on/standby

Built for reliability – Short circuit, over-current and thermal protection

Ideal for “green’ installations – Power supply and output stage efficiency greater than 90%