Neets Control – EcHo Plus provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms through an eight-button keypad with built-in controller that eliminates delay and frustration caused by misplaced, damaged and confusing remote controls.

For installations with multiple rooms, the Central Control software makes it possible to monitor rooms with EcHo Plus installed from a central computer. This feature gives you a good overview to monitor all your AV-installations to save both energy and time. You can also get feedback on lamp and filter hours or support from another location.

EcHo Plus is a versatile and user-friendly solution for all kinds of meeting and classrooms. Configuration and installation is easy with Neets intuitive drag´n drop software Project Designer.

According to Tue S Andersen, founder and CEO of Neets A/S: “The new EcHo Plus is developed according to the demand for more LAN-based solutions. The LAN connection gives the possibility for Neets Central Control monitoring to make it much easier to control and have an overview over all your rooms from one central location.’

Michael Jarl Christensen, co-owner Neets A/S continues: “As the market changes, we listen to our customers’ demands and we focus on developing new products to satisfy the need for smarter and more user friendly ways to control meeting rooms, classrooms, board rooms and conferencing facilities. With the EcHo Plus we have a versatile solution for all kind of installations, which we look forward to implement in future AV-projects.’

Neets Control – EcHo Plus will be available mid-March 2015 and can be purchased through Neets distributors worldwide.