The new Digital Loudspeaker Controller, Model DLX24, from Apogee Sound
International LLC, is now shipping. The 2-input by 4-output DSP-based controller
offers the most advanced pro audio loudspeaker configuration and management
technology available, with an intuitive graphical user interface that allows users to
manage key configuration settings to ensure optimal loudspeaker performance in a
variety of live sound and fixed installations.

The DLX24 uses System Control Manager software to custom configure the DLX24
for use with any combination of Apogee speaker presets or as a generic
loudspeaker manager. The software provides remote volume control and
configuration of the speaker system through a PC USB interface and gives users
access to the following discrete settings (per Input channel): level, eight bands of
parametric equalization, up to 1000 ms of delay, various crossover filters, peak
comp/limiters, and the ability to create LINK groups.

Output channels offer the same capabilities as inputs, but also include a RMS
comp/limiter. Output channels can be auto-configured with specific Apogee speaker
presets or manually configured for non-Apogee products.

The DLX24 is intended to be the last device in the signal chain before the power
amplifier(s). Although it is usually fed signal from a mixing console, the source may
be any one of a number of devices such as a CD player, MP3 player, or equalizer.