Christie® recently launched Brio, a new meeting presentation and content sharing solution that takes the hassle out of single and multi-site workplace meetings.

Developed by Christie, Brio enables multiple attendees at meetings to run audio and video presentations from their own devices, without scrambling for matching display cables and adapters, plugging in dongles or installing and configuring new software to get it working.

“As we thought about what we wanted in a meeting technology, there were three things that were very clear,’ said Kathryn Cress, vice president, global and corporate marketing, Christie. “One, it had to be easily accessible, with no special training or driver software that users had to install. Two, it had to tear down the existing communication barriers so that sharing information became effortless. And three, it had to allow users to share multiple types of content. The ultimate goal in developing Brio was to ensure that all participants could share whatever they needed to—to ultimately be able to share more.’

Brio uses wired or wireless connections to automatically share multiple presentations showing simultaneously on either one or two meeting room screens. Whether participants use PCs or Macs, iPads or Android tablets, or smartphones, presentations can be added to a meeting as a thought occurs, with their information showing on that meeting room display in seconds.