Barco has recently announced the launch of black boarding and annotation on the
ClickShare CSE-800, as a part of a new firmware release for the system.

The newly released firmware update for ClickShare CSE-800, the 1.2, brings black
boarding and annotation to the boardroom for the first time. The product enables
discussions around presented content with the making of annotations or notes in real
time and facilitates co-creation and ideation in the boardroom setting.

Improvements include the extended desktop functionality for Windows 7, 8 and 10
and the best security for ClickShare units. The auto-update functionality means that
one can simply switch on the auto-update function in the settings of the base unit and
never miss out on new features. Also, the update has added support for auto-
discovery, which ensures discovery of all ClickShare units on a network when
managing a fleet of ClickShare base units with the Collaboration Management Suite.

New features include:

• Black boarding and annotation

• Extended desktop

• Quicker Button connection time

• Peace of mind with improved auto-updates

• Improved security with encrypted logs

• Support for auto-discovery

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