The basic and integral parts of LED display configuration – sender, computer and video processor, often have cumbersome and complicated operations. There is often, for example, compatibility problems between the sender and video processor. As a leading global supplier of LED display solutions, NovaStar has developed VX4S, a new product combining both the sender and video processor, to offer better service and avoid the instability caused by many such devices.

The VX4S features a super-large loading capacity of 2.3 million pixels with the width up to 3480 pixels, and many kinds of input including HDMI, DVI, VGA × 2, CVBS × 2, and SDI. System configuration is simple, with a few steps, without computer control, setting up the system. There is automatic Hot Backup completion without any setting, and splicing and cascade functions which help to solve asynchronous splicing video from multiple senders.

In addition, the VX4S also features seamless cutting and fade-in and fade-out switching effects, supports PIP, POP, and high bit level video output (10bit/8bit), and uses the Nova G4 engine which makes the image stable, flicker free, scanning line free, fine, and with good layering.

The VX4S system is aimed at the installation and rental markets.