PanSolutions has announced that it has concluded a partnership with Casio to distribute its extensive range of Casio Projectors in South Africa.

PanSolutions is a part of the Reunert Group of companies, which manages a portfolio of businesses in the fields of electrical engineering, information and communication technologies as well as defence and allied technologies. The company opened operations in the mid-80s and has established a credible record as a leading supplier of business solutions to the South African market with products in the document management, professional video and display segment.

PanSolutions has a long history of distributing a range of high quality professional display products locally and, by concluding this new distribution partnership with Casio, is able to provide a more comprehensive range of state-of-the-art projectors to a wider range of customers.


Casio is a leading manufacturer of projectors and holds a global market share of 60%1 for SSI light source projectors with 2,500 lumens or more. The company’s portfolio of LampFree® projectors combines a laser, a fluorescent element and an LED light to deliver a mercury-free hybrid light source that lasts up to 20,000 hours while sustaining a high brightness and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Casio has four series of LampFree® projectors that are available in South Africa through PanSolutions, including Slim, Core, Advanced, and Ultra Short Throw.

In line with developments in international health and environmental safety regulations2, Casio’s projectors are mercury-free. Casio aims to help to reduce the burden on the environment by promoting the shift to a lamp-free standard in the projector market. The company’s patented LampFree® technology removes the need to replace hazardous and expensive bulbs. This not only keeps hardware costs down but also reduces overall maintenance costs. Most importantly, the technology eliminates any possible health and environmental risks associated with exposure to and elimination of mercury, a highly toxic element used in the manufacture of compact and linear fluorescent lamps.

Johan Oosthuizen, projector sales manager, PanSolutions explains “The innovative lamp free laser and LED hybrid light source of the Casio Projectors makes the user’s budget go a lot further and also provides the opportunity to improve their environmental credentials.”


Casio LampFree projectors are available at a highly competitive price point for the level of performance achieved. According to Casio, its LampFree projectors can operate for up to 20,000 hours, eliminating expensive maintenance costs associated with lamp-dependant projectors. The range also offers outstanding energy efficiency and high levels of health and environmental safety, making Casio’s range of projectors ideal for home, business, educational and commercial applications.

“The extensive range of Casio projectors enables us to meet the needs of a range of businesses and users, from office boardrooms to large-scale entertainment venues,” Oosthuizen concludes.

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1 Based on global sales volume by the manufacturer from January to December 2016 according to Futuresource Consulting Ltd.

2 UN Treaty Collection (2013) Minamata Convention on Mercury. Retrieved 2018-04-26.