The Freiburg based Pyramid Computer GmbH, a specialist in development and
manufacture of modular IT systems and solutions, is introducing its brand new
polytouch® 55 4K. The latest member of the polytouch® product line offers a
totally new dimension of user experience thanks to its ultra-high definition display
(UHD). This solution delivers maximum image brilliance (3840 x 2160px) and is
equipped with high-end touch technology that ensures maximum touch accuracy.
The polytouch® 55 4K is designed for a variety of industries and applications, and is
particularly suited as an information terminal, for product presentations, for
interactive signage, as an infotainment terminal or as way-finding application.

Multimedia marketing, an enhanced service concept, simplicity and interactivity are
the success factors for interactive multi-touch systems in any industry. Demand for
such multi-touch system solutions is still growing and the array of applications is
diverse, with a distinct focus on real-time content. Highest PC performance
guarantees a perfect user experience and enthusiastic customers.

The polytouch® 55 4K with integrated modular panel PC delivers a real competitive
advantage with its razor-sharp image and super-accurate touch input, features that
are already largely adopted in the consumer market by smartphone and tablet
users.. This offers customers a totally new dimension of user experience, helping to
get customers excited, accelerate customer loyalty and offering new service

The polytouch 55 4K is available in two versions: Either as all-in-one multi-touch
system with integrated panel PC or as stand-alone multi-touch display. Whatever
the application requires – polytouch 55 4K is the perfect solution.

The latest polytouch® model, the polytouch® 55 4K, is especially made for large
display applications. Its 55-inch display is equipped with cutting-edge light-
insensitivity and high-end touch technologies affording unbeatable precision input
without parallax.

The polytouch 55 4K features PCAP touch technology as well as InGlass™ touch-
technology which makes the product perfectly customizable for best user

The system is able to process up to ten touch points in parallel with ease, with a
latency of less than fifteen milliseconds. Special pressure detection opens up further
input. The display (3840×2160) supports ultra-HD resolution. The polytouch® 55 4K
combines unprecedented image brilliance with maximum user friendliness.

The stylish design of the system offers a variety of mounting options, making it
suitable for many diverse applications. The modular concept allows installation as a
stand-alone display, wall mounting and mounting inside objects such as tables and
walls. A broad set of service and upgrade options are available. The integrated
panel PC is equipped with the latest-generation Intel Core i7-6700T processor, 8GB
DDR PC1600 memory and mSATA SSD 4 128GB drives. The system is compatible
with Windows 10 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit) and Linux. It is thus ideal for
sophisticated business applications aimed at achieving the greatest possible
customer satisfaction.