Quattrocanali is designed to work with lo-Z (from 2 Ω) and with 70V/100V
distributed lines: any mixed impedance output loads may be realized. All models
available with or without DSP+Dante.

DSP+D versions of the Quattrocanali grant in depth control and monitoring of all the
signals via Armonia, so that the sound may be tailored to suit the customer’s needs.
Dante spoken here.

This Amplifier Platform can also be trusted in mission critical applications, such as
fire alarm systems, thanks to the cleverly engineered power supply that allows
reliable operation even when connected to a UPS. Click here for more

Three Models available with different Power Solutions:

• Quattrocanali 1204: 4x 300W @ 8Ω | 4x 300W @ 4Ω | 4x 300W @

• Quattrocanali 2404: 4x 600W @ 8Ω | 4x 600W @ 4Ω | 4x 600W @

• Quattrocanali 4804: 4x 1200W @ 8Ω | 4x 1200W @ 4Ω | 4x 1200W @

All three models available with or without DSP+DANTE.