Christie®, a leader in creating and delivering the world’s best visual and audio
experiences, is expanding the Phoenix family of products with the launch of the
Phoenix EP (Embedded Processor) at ASIS 2016.

A compact, highly scalable solution for managing content on single or multiple
panels, the Phoenix EP installs directly into compatible Christie displays – which
also provide power – and connects directly to a network using CATx cable. One
Phoenix EP processes networked sources, decodes and manages audiovisual and
data sources on up to two Christie flat panels. Phoenix EP streamlines system
designs, and eliminates requirements for AV extension and distribution equipment.

“Phoenix EP and Christie flat panels make a great choice for customers looking for a
powerful solution that is easy-to-install and cost-effective,’ says Karl Johnson,
senior product manager, Christie. “Phoenix EP uses zero installation space, and it
simplifies an installation by using a network to transport all content. Christie
Phoenix systems, including Phoenix, Phoenix EP and Phoenix Quad T, streamlines
project design, eliminating the need for audiovisual distribution and extension
equipment. This simplifies the installation process and increases reliability.’

Phoenix EP is ideal for video walls, digital signage displays and AV distribution
systems and will be available November 2016.