The Enova DGX 100 Series Digital Media Switcher Family delivers pixel-perfect
video and crystal clear audio to any environment, from in-room meeting spaces to
campus-wide distribution, up to 10 kilometres. The 100 Series has been internally
re-architected to make installation, management and control of the entire Enova
DGX system, including DXLink Transmitters and Receivers, more intuitive and
resilient than ever.

Performance-boosting Enhancements

• Audio Processing – Parametric EQs on every output and true audio breakaway
on all inputs and outputs
• Configuration and Management – All-new, powerful web interface with real-
time feedback on signal status
o Quality levels & diagnostics
o Visibility to the complete setup of DXLink endpoints
• Network Security enhancements – Via the completely re-engineered
integrated NX Controller
o User Authentication
o Role-Based Access Controlv
o Encryption and other Network Service Security Features

All this PLUS the Superior Features Unique to the Original Enova DGX:

• InstaGate Pro® Technology – Enables hassle-free HDCP content
• SmartScale® Technology – Automatically delivers optimal resolution output
on each and every connected display
• Full 4:4:4 Support – The Enova DGX and DXLink 4K Solutions provide support
for full 4:4:4 (non-chroma sub sampled video) through the whole video path
including 4K SmartScale outputs
• Modular design, fully customizable to support signal distribution via category
cable, single mode or multi-mode fiber, and local connectivity
• Every Enova DGX is backed by HARMAN’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

To sweeten the deal, we’ve REDUCED PRICING of several Enova DGX Boards and
the Enova DXLink Transmitters and Receivers by 20%. Please contact your HARMAN
Sales Representative for more information about the reduced pricing.