Company: Collective Works

Name: Christopher Bolton

The new MA3 stuck out for me because programming consoles are what I spend most of my time doing. The grandMA3 console has a way to go, but the prospect of what is to come is exhilarating. At the risk of sounding cliché – it certainly will be a game changer.

Robe’s new Tarantula is beautiful. The bigger face makes the pixel mapping more apparent and appeals to me in so many ways: bigger, bolder, and punchier. Ayrton’s updated magic panel and, in particular, the magic blade was very interesting. I hope to see more of those in South Africa soon.

Do you feel that these products are well suited to the local market?

That is a tough question because, as we all know, the current Euro-Rand exchange doesn’t help our market at all. However, the days of fixtures having one purpose, for example, a wash, a beam, or a profile are gone. Instead, we now have multi-purpose fixtures like the new Mega Pointe, Tarantula or Spiider. As fixtures become more versatile, one is able to do more with a single investment making this very appropriate for our market. These are exciting times to be a designer if you consider that when I was a student, there were no moving lights that could be taken seriously.

What was the overall highlight of Prolight+Sound 2018

Prolight+Sound is a highlight on my calendar as it is a truly gloves-off environment for all professionals across multiple platforms to hang out and share our passion for this industry. Rubbing shoulders with some of my heroes in the lighting design world is always such a privilege – and the beer is not too bad either.