Name: Compiled by Robyn D’Alessandro

Company: Gearhouse


  1. Which product/s caught your eye at Prolight+Sound 2018?

KineSys Elevation, AV Stumpfl’s new media server platform, ROE Diamond 2.6mm panels, Elation’ Chorus Line. We were also impressed with Elation’s Dartz 360, d&b audiotechnik GSL speakers, the L-Ether by L-Acoustics, and the Cargo S Track Systems from Gerriets.


  1. Do you feel that these products are well suited to the local market?

The Gearhouse team feel that all of the above products are well suited to the South African market. With regards to AV Stumpfl’s new media server platform, they feel that it is a natural progression in media servers, as it starts with existing technology but responds to many emerging demands.


  1. What was the overall highlight of Prolight+Sound 2018

The Gearhouse team were impressed with the wide variety of LED displays on offer at Prolight+Sound 2018. On the audio side, they state that the launch of the new d&b audiotechnik GSL speakers was very impressive and listening to the system in the concert hall was quite an experience, even for the ‘non-audio’ team members.

The team enjoyed meeting up with friends, colleagues and suppliers from around the world – stating that the sheer number of suppliers on the floor was an experience in itself.