In order to help everyone stay productive during this period of industry-wide involuntary downtime, Rational Acoustics has embarked on the following projects:


We have created a series of short, single-topic videos covering some of the basics of Smaart v8 operation.  Topics include: a Tour of the Interface, IO Configuration, Building Transfer Function Measurements, Spectrum Measurement Options, Data Capture, Spectrograph, Signal Generator and much more.

There are currently 14 videos posted, and more will be posted in the coming weeks, so click here to view the existing videos and be sure check back regularly or subscribe to the YouTube playlist.


Smaart Training webinars will be livestreamed on YouTube. Each online session will be roughly 60-90 minutes in length and will be presented by Jamie Anderson and/or Chris Tsanjoures.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, Jamie will present material based on the Smaart Operator Fundamentals training class. On Fridays, Chris will present special-topic sessions featuring subject matter of our choosing and/or topics suggested from Smaart users.

Jamie will be kicking things off with a short welcome/intro session on March 27th at 2PM EST, and the sessions will start in earnest on Monday, March 30th and will run for the entire month of April (at least).

The schedule is as follows:

  • Mondays at 2PM Eastern Time (6PM UTC) – Smaart Operator Fundamentals presented by Jamie Anderson
  • Wednesdays at 2PM Eastern Time (6PM UTC) – Smaart Operator Fundamentals presented by Jamie Anderson
  •  Fridays at 2PM Eastern Time (6PM UTC) – Smaart Special-Topic Seminar presented by Chris Tsanjoures and/or special guests

While mostly presentational in style, viewers will be able to comment and ask questions via a chat window during each live stream (as long as you have a YouTube/Google account and are logged in). And for those who can’t attend in real-time, recordings of the sessions, as well as the PowerPoint presentation used in each, will be made available for viewing afterwards.

No advance registration is required to view or access these webinars. Click here to go to the YouTube webinar playlist.