Revolabs will make several important product announcements at InfoComm 2013, including the premier of its next-generation, flagship wireless microphone system designed to improve audio quality and simplify large audio communication deployments. This new solution boasts a number of enhancements, including:

  • A new distributed architecture that simplifies installations
  • New local and remote cloud-based management and monitoring options
  • Higher channel density options
  • Elegantly redesigned microphones
  • All of this and more will be unveiled as Revolabs once again raises the bar on wireless microphone systems.

    Revolabs Products on Display at InfoComm 2013:

    Revolabs HD™ Wireless Microphone Systems

    At InfoComm 2013, Revolabs will highlight its popular line of HD wireless microphone systems, including the Revolabs Executive HD™ MaxSecure for applications requiring high levels of security; the Single/Dual Channel for video conferencing; the rackmount Venue; the Executive HD for executive boardrooms and large conference rooms; and the versatile Revolabs Hybrid HD™ for installations requiring a powered audio solution. Revolabs will also demonstrate its enhanced Windows®-based HD Control Panel, which allows users to monitor and control networked HD wireless microphone systems from a single PC software program with an intuitive graphical user interface.

    Revolabs FLX™ Wireless Conference Phone

    Ideal for conference rooms, executive offices, and small office/home office (SoHo) environments, the Revolabs FLX™ wireless conference phone is offered either with an analog telephone interface or with a VoIP interface. The FLX VoIP is the first and only wireless conference phone designed for VoIP networks. The FLX VoIP integrates directly with most IP telephone switches following the SIP standard, enabling new features only available through digital switch environments, such as voicemail alerts and do not disturb. The unit can also serve as the audio interface for virtually any major brand of video conferencing equipment, making it ideal for unified communications in any environment.