Bringing even more versatility to Riedel MediorNet’s decentralized network
approach to signal transport, routing, and processing, the MediorNet MultiViewer
will make its debut at the 2017 NAB Show. MediorNet MultiViewer is a virtual
multiviewer app based on MediorNet MicroN high-density media distribution
hardware and designed to work within the MediorNet network. Extending the
capabilities of hardware through the use of software apps has been an ongoing
theme at Riedel, starting with the company’s app-driven SmartPanel, introduced two
years ago.

“A fundamental benefit of a decentralized signal network is the ability to put signal
inputs and outputs where they are needed rather than at a large, monolithic router
that requires additional cabling,” said Dr. Lars Hohmann, Product Manager at Riedel
Communications. “These benefits apply to the MediorNet MultiViewer as well, since
the MultiViewer hardware can be placed anywhere while leveraging the network for
sources. In addition, integrating the MultiViewer into the MediorNet ecosystem
removes an extra layer of gear and complexity.”

Each single MediorNet MultiViewer engine can access any MediorNet input signal
and process up to 18 signals. These signals can be placed flexibly onto four physical
screens or routed to any destination within the MediorNet system and output at
alternative locations. The MultiViewer device provides local signal inputs and
outputs to offer further connectivity options, such as playing out the virtual
MultiViewer screens locally on the device.

The MediorNet MultiViewer has a rich yet easy-to-use toolbox of powerful
processing features, including flexible scaling, positioning, the ability to incorporate
graphics (such as logos and background images), and special “widgets” — tallies,
under-monitor displays, audio level meters, and several clocks and counters. Clocks
can be analogue or digital and can reference system time or timecode, with the
timecode derived manually or from LTC or NTP. Finally, up to 20 distributed system
counters can be established within a single network, and any counter widget can
reference any one of the system counters. All of these functions are controllable via
the Ember+ control protocol. In addition, tallies and under-monitor displays can be
controlled via TSL 5.0.

The MediorNet MultiViewer features easy and intuitive configuration in a single view
through a convenient drag-and-drop editor. A capability called “Net Configurations”
is new to the market and allows users to store configurations in network-wide
storage rather than on local devices. This feature also permits the easy transfer of
configurations from network-wide storage to a particular device and is fully
supported through the MediorWorks configuration software and Ember+. Predefined
layouts and templates support quick designs and can be manipulated both online
and offline.

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