RTI, a leading control and automation manufacturer for residential and commercial settings, recently announced the availability of a new custom control kit that integrates Pro Control solutions into the RTI control platform for the first time. Bundling the company’s XP-3 control processor, Pro Control’s Pro24.z remote, and an unlimited RTiPanel license in one cost-effective package, the C2K1 starter kit allows dealers to offer their customers a jump start into home automation while delivering a simple upgrade path to more sophisticated control.

“The C2K1 makes an important addition to our product lineup, as it marks the first time that Pro Control solutions can be programmed within our Integration Designer® APEX software,” said Mike Everett, vice president of global sales, RTI. “The kit will help integrators attract new clients with a powerful home automation solution at an entry-level price. As a client’s needs change, the C2K1 can be easily upgraded, taking full advantage of the RTI control platform.”

The new starter kit is centred around RTI’s XP-3 advanced control processor. The processor features a built-in ZigBee® RF transceiver to allow bi-directional communications with compatible RTI and Pro Control remote controls. In addition, to control options — including IR, RS-232 and relays — the XP-3 utilises two-way drivers that provide users with instant feedback from third-party devices and has an astronomical clock for time-based events.

Using RTI’s award-winning RTiPanel app for Apple® and Android™ devices, an unlimited number of users can now control installed electronic systems via their favourite smartphones and tablets. Also, the C2K1’s Pro Control Pro24.z remote control sports a sleek, sophisticated design with a high-resolution 2.4-inch TFT LCD touch-screen display, programmable five-way joystick, and backlit hard buttons to enable intuitive operation even in a darkened room.

RTI’s new Custom Control Kit C2K1 is now shipping. More information can be found at www.rticorp.com.