The South African industry has rallied behind legendary Kendall Dixon as he fights for his life – he urgently requires Immunotherapy treatment and an additional R200 000 still needs to be raised to meet the total cost of treatment which is R700 000.

The SOS Charity fund has donated R25 000 and are encouraging the industry to help – every little bit will make a huge difference. He has had his first treatment, and the next is scheduled for 12 February.

Carolyn Dixon has been married to Kendall for the past fifteen years, and the couple has five beautiful children who need their dad to get better. “In October 2018 Kendall had a large melanoma tumour removed from the lymph nodes in his groin,” Carolyn explained. “Since then five new tumours have grown in its place. The doctor said in December that he has 4 – 6 weeks before the melanoma spreads and becomes terminal.

“Kendall was living in Dubai so had medical insurance, but they don’t cover immunotherapy.  He also had a medical emergency policy, but they declined his claim.  Kendall came home to South Africa late December to get more affordable treatment in South Africa.  We tried a government hospital, but they don’t do Immunotherapy due to the cost of the medication.”

Privately, each treatment costs R 96,000 for medication and about R 3,000 towards fees.  This excludes any blood tests required.  He needs about seven treatments which will hopefully stop the melanoma from growing or spreading further.”

The Dixons are grateful for all the donations both locally and across the world.

If you are able to help and for more information, click HERE.