Samsung has unveiled its full line-up of innovative digital signage products, including a 95-inch LED display, at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013.

Samsung’s 2013 digital signage products are cost-efficient solutions for businesses, built on the newly developed Samsung Smart Signage Platform powered by a System on Chip (SoC) semiconductor. For the first time, software partners will have the opportunity to develop apps optimised for an assortment of service environments with the Samsung Software Development Kit (SDK).

“These products will see Samsung continue to dominate the global market for LFDs in 2013. Samsung has focused on making the devices even easier to use and allowing people to play content without requiring a separate device,’ says Mike van Lier Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung South Africa.

Featuring a dual-core CPU, full codec video processor and a choice of either 4GB or 8GB of storage, Samsung Smart Signage Platform includes an embedded, high-performance media player, allowing users to play back content without the need for a separate PC or set-top box. By eliminating the need for external devices, the Samsung Smart Signature Platform ensures a clean and simple installation and operational process, saving both time and money.

Samsung’s new digital signage products also include a plug-and-play feature that lets users load content via USB. It also supports various video and audio formats, including WMV, MP4, and H.264. For added convenience, the Samsung MagicInfo Premium S software allows users to manage content and devices remotely across the network.

The SDK is the first of its kind for the commercial display market and lets software partners develop customised signage applications suitable for a variety of business and user environments.

“We are strengthening our relationship with our partners by providing them with the ability to develop their own applications for Samsung devices,’ says van Lier.

The Samsung MEC, UEC, UDC, and PEC series of digital signage products announced include:

• The MEC series of slim, eco-friendly LED large format displays – including the 95-inch display – reduce costs for businesses and are ideal for commercial, public, corporate, and information digital signage solutions that require crisp images with accurate colour representation.

• The UEC series of large format displays for video wall solutions sport a narrow bezel that keeps the viewer’s focus on the image, not the monitor, making a business’s message stand out in an array of environments, including retail stores, corporate offices, hotels, and restaurants.

• The premium UDC Series of video wall displays feature an ultra-slim bezel, 700nit high brightness, 8GB of memory, ACM (Advanced Colour Management), and an easy installation kit for a cost-effective solution that can be used in airports, restaurants and 24-hour commercial locations.

• The PEC series features an ultra-slim, lightweight design that allows users to enjoy an expansive, enhanced visual experience in environments such as airports, restaurants and 24-hour retail shops, always on video walls.

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