Complete your installation with Crestron Saros pendant speakers, which are designed to deliver excellent speech intelligibility and full, rich music reproduction for use in open-ceiling spaces such as restaurants, night clubs, retail spaces, houses of worship, and convention facilities. Solid construction and a number of feature enhancements ensure a quick and easy installation and years of reliable performance.

The Saros PD6T model is a two-way pendant speaker featuring a 6.5′ woofer and wide-dispersion, horn-loaded 1′ dome tweeter. A built-in 60 Watt multi-tap transformer allows for use with 70 and 100 Volt distributed speaker systems. Power handling at 8 Ohms is 125 Watts (program), with a wide frequency response from 50 Hz to 20 kHz.

The Saros PD6T is designed to be suspended from a ceiling truss in an open-ceiling environment. Its clean, contoured enclosure achieves an attractive appearance in restaurants and night clubs, retail spaces, houses of worship, convention facilities, universities, and office buildings. Weatherised construction allows for use in outdoor entertainment venues, patios, and swimming pools. To facilitate installation, a 3.65 metre length of wire rope with attached snap hook is supplied. Securing the wire rope to the truss and adjusting it to the desired length is accomplished quickly and easily using the provided Gripple self-locking wire rope grip.

To achieve its sleek, sculpted appearance, the Saros PD6T employs a durable ABS plastic housing and “zero-bezel’ frameless grille. Composed of steel, the grille is held in place by powerful magnets, eliminating any visible screws or other hardware. A safety tether is included to prevent the grille from ever presenting a falling hazard. Setting the 70/100V transformer tap is performed via a screwdriver-adjustable control located on the speaker baffle behind the grille.

Wiring connections are provided on the top of the speaker adjacent to the suspension rigging point. Connecting the wiring is facilitated using a detachable screw terminal block with provisions for easy parallel wiring in a multi-speaker application. A weather boot is included to protect the wiring connections from moisture.

Key features:

• High-performance suspended speaker for open-ceiling applications
• Weather-resistant for use under eves and in semi-enclosed spaces
• 6.5″ polypropylene woofer with damped cloth surround for tight, controlled bass and clear midrange
• Optimised dual front ports for enhanced low-frequency response
• Wide-dispersion, horn-loaded titanium dome tweeter for crisp, clear high-end and enhanced pattern control
• Built-in 60 Watt 70/100V multi-tap transformer
• 125 Watts program power handling at 8 Ohms
• 50Hz-20kHz frequency response
• 100° nominal coverage pattern
• Rigid glass fiber reinforced ABS construction
• Magnetically attached steel frameless grille
• Paintable to blend with surroundings
• Includes wire rope hanger assembly with Gripple hardware for quick and easy installation