In 2016, Screen Innovations (SI) introduced Zero-G®, a projection screen that
seemingly levitates in mid-air. Zero-G, described by SI as a “Rollable Television®,’
is unlike any other screen because there is no black mask between the top of the
viewing surface and the case. Instead, the screen is suspended by Ultra-High
Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE) cable.

“We ran Zero-G through an extensive destructive testing cycle, and standard
aircraft cable continued to have metal failure due to friction created in each
individual stainless strand. We moved to UHMwPE cable because it is 80% lighter
than a comparably-strong steel cable, far more flexible, longer-lasting, and it
maintains its strength and flexibility in all conditions,’ said Ryan Paul, Director of
Design at SI. “On top of that, it has the lowest carbon footprint across its service
life of any comparable alternative. At SI, it takes the best to make the best.’

SI has taken this a step further, by offering these cables in three new colour
variations: Sky Blue, Forest Green, and Warm Gray (beige) in addition to White,
Gray, and Black cables already available. This gives the integrator the capability to
more closely match the existing colour in the environment behind the screen—
whether it’s a wall, window, or art-deco piece.

“When you match our Zero-G cord colours to the wall, or window behind the
screen,’ says Skyler Meek, Director of Marketing for SI, “it looks as though they
completely disappear. It’s incredible.’ Meek continued, “SI has always been about
the complete experience, encompassing both the image on the screen and how the
screen is presented in the room. This is another link in the chain that separates SI
from all the noise.’

SI invites integrators to evaluate the many proven benefits of projection screen
technology against new flat panel display systems or LED Walls. Not only are
projection screens oftentimes more affordable, the new era of powerful laser
projection allows two-piece projection to match, and even outperform, these other
display technologies. Projection has additional benefits, including low-maintenance,
20,000 hour laser light engine lifespan, and a single source without the need for
complex matrices for mapping multiple displays into one. The greatest of these
benefits is that a Zero-G screen can be placed where other technologies can’t go,
like in front of a window. When it’s not in use, it quietly and elegantly rolls up into a
flush mounted ceiling pocket, disappearing until the next time it’s needed.

Zero-G cord colours are available now at no additional charge.
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