Customers of 120 specialist beverage shops within Germany’s largest chain of supermarkets are now using Toshiba displays in store to view information about special offers and news on drinks, as well as more general news and weather updates.

A digital signage network, rolled out in the Rhine-Ruhr area by digital experts m.i.b GmbH using Toshiba technology, is the largest of its kind in Germany’s beverage industry.

m.i.b has installed eye-catching Toshiba displays in prominent locations within the supermarket branches – for example, 49” TD-E493 displays over cash registers using ceiling-mounted fixings. Other 49” displays are positioned in free-standing totems bearing the logo of the store, positioned in the windows of the stores’ main entrances.

These totems – known as D-Flat’s – are double sided, with Toshiba’s TD-E493 on one side and a TD-Q493 on the other. Both displays have adjustable brightness levels for optimum reading conditions, while the latter has a super vivid 700-nit screen, ensuring clean definition against the strong natural light coming through the window. This makes the totems ideal for a prime position at entranceways, allowing the content from TD-Q493 to be seen in high definition from outside, even through the glass.

Toshiba’s robustly engineered TD-E3 range is engineered to play content in bright clarity for at least sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, so perfect for in-store business hours. While the professional TD-Q3 series offers stunningly clear 24/7 playback of content in high brightness to give your messages impressive clarity in all lighting conditions, like shop windows.

These displays both have OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slots, neatly streamlining the playback of content without the need for external PCs, extra cabling or additional power supply. This keeps them sleek in appearance and safe to use in a busy store.

Toshiba’s displays also support m.i.b’s PIN-Cloud digital signage software – a cloud-based solution which means on-screen content can be supplied centrally by the supermarket chain and supplemented de-centrally by individual beverage retailers, synchronised via an interface developed by m.i.b. This solution also allows supermarkets to play their own content on the displays.

Sebastian Meiners, managing director of m.i.b says the ability to both centralise and customise content through the displays makes the solution attractive and efficient for everyone involved.

“Thanks to the partially customisable content, the individual beverage retailers can respond even better to their customers while the head office can, for example, bring in weekly campaigns or special offers in graphic form,” he explained.