Shure recently unveiled its SE215m+ Special Edition (SE215m+SPE) Sound
Isolating™ Earphones, offering a truly integrated mobile communications
performance in an exclusive white finish. Designed for music enthusiasts using
Apple iOS devices, the SE215m+SPE features a sleek, three-button communication
pod that enables users to conveniently control device playback, volume, and
sending/receiving of calls. It also includes a microphone for calls and voice control
apps. The SE215m+SPE earphones ship with a detachable and replaceable Remote
+ Mic Accessory Cable, offering a unique combination of communication technology,
durability, and sound quality.

Building on Shure’s legendary line of sound isolating products, the SE215m+SPE
incorporates technology originally developed for pro musicians to deliver premium
sound, quality, and durability at an affordable price point. With comfortable Sound
Isolating™ sleeves blocking up to 37 dB of outside noise, the headset reproduces
uncolored, artifact-free sound that prevents outside noise from interfering with your

“In today’s on-the-go world, mobile communication functionality is a highly desired
feature among customers,’ said Sean Sullivan, Senior Product Manager at Shure.
“With the SE215m+ SPE, we’ve added the convenient features of our newly-
designed, three button remote/mic cable to one of the industry’s most tried and true
earphones, while still maintaining an incredibly affordable market price.’

The SE215m+SPE boasts a single dynamic MicroDriver for detailed sound and
enhanced bass extension, featuring an acoustic network tuned for extended bass
performance. It features an ergonomic, professional design with detachable cable,
and an optimized nozzle angle positioned to rest in the ear for hours of comfortable

“The SE215m+SPE’s enhanced capabilities make it a perfect fit for not just music
lovers, but for anyone who wants to seamlessly talk, travel, or train with superior
audio quality. This product provides the perfect opportunity to introduce first-time
buyers to Shure as a premium brand known for quality, durability, and
performance, while reinforcing Shure’s core brand values to those already familiar
with the world of premium portable audio,’ added Sullivan.

The SE215m+SPE Sound Isolating Earphones will begin shipping on September 1,
2016. For more information, please visit