Sony has enhanced its line-up of Home Cinema projectors with three new high-
performance models that bring an immersive 4K HDR viewing experience to the
home. The projectors, launched at IFA 2017, are designed to help cinema fans
experience spectacular, true-to-life images at home. All models deliver high-contrast,
detail-packed images thanks to Sony’s cutting-edge native SXRD panel. This is
combined with Reality Creation, an impressive resolution processing technology that
uses a unique Sony algorithm to perfectly map pixels, for consistently crisp images.

The three new models introduced at IFA are:

  • The VPL-VW760ES premium laser light source projector in compact design
    reproduces stunning 4K HDR images.
  • The versatile VPL-VW360ES with the adjustable function of image quality is
    suited for various types of viewing contents.
  • The VPL-VW260ES delivers immersive and authentic 4K HDR images with high-
    cost performance.

To make sure viewers can enjoy any HDR content, in addition to HDR10, which is the
standard HDR format for UHD, the new projectors also support HLG for broadcast and
online content. “All of these models are designed with Sony’s commitment in mind to
bring the most “true to reality’ images to our customers,’ said Hajime (Gen)
Nakamura, Business Head for Projectors at Sony Professional Solutions MEA. “All three
feature-packed 4K HDR projectors, from the cost-effective VPL-VW260ES to the
premium VPL-VW760ES, have breathtakingly-real picture quality. So, whether viewers
are watching the latest action film or a sporting event they’ll feel truly immersed in
the experience.’

The VPL-VW760ES produces stunning images, using a laser light source with 2,000
lumens, for spectacular and long-lasting brightness. The technology ensures high-
dynamic contrast with new light level control that adjusts to the brightness of the
scene in real-time, so bright scenes appear more vivid and darker scenes have more
depth. TRILUMINOS produces a broader colour range than standard projector
systems, with more tones and textures and Motionflow technology reacts to fast
moving scenes to stabilise images, preventing any blur or pixelation. Because of its
compact size with 496mm in depth which is 40% smaller than current laser light
source model, the projector is easily installed in a shelf or hang on the ceiling. The
laser light source makes it simple to maintain, as there’s no need to change a lamp.
Also, it is unnecessary to replace expendable parts for about 20,000 hours.

The versatile VPL-VW360ES allows viewers to experience the beauty of 4K HDR with
1,500 lumens of brightness. The model will replace the VPL-VW320ES but adds extra
features to reproduce even more realistic images including an Advanced Iris for
200,000:1 dynamic contrast and picture positioning memory to adjust to the aspect
ratio of whatever content is being shown.

The VPL-VW260ES delivers a 4K HDR experience with high-cost performance. The
1,500 lumens projector includes many of the features of the other two projectors,
including a native 4K SXRD panel, Reality Creation and TRILUMINOS, so users get
precise and clear images at a cost-effective price point. Both the VPL-VW360ES and
the VPL-VW260ES come in black and premium white colours to fit into various
customer environment. Their compact size, 2.06 zoom and wide lens shift make them
easy to install.

The VPL-VW360ES and VPL-VW260ES are available now across in Europe. The VPL-
VW760ES is shipping from November 2017.
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