Sound Devices, LLC further expands support for its CL-12 Linear Fader Controller
with the release of Firmware Version 2.11, which offers compatibility to both the
664 and 633 Field Production Mixers. Initially introduced only for the 688
mixer/recorder, the CL-12 is an optional accessory that features smooth-gliding 100
mm linear faders and is ideal for live mixing of multiple audio signals.

“We are excited to announce this update for our loyal 633 and 664 users,’ says Matt
Anderson, CEO of Sound Devices. “The CL-12 can now efficiently expand the audio
mixing capabilities of all 6-Series mixer/recorders. The minimal cabling also
makes transitions from over-the-shoulder to cart-based setups quick and easy.’

In addition to CL-12 support, Firmware v2.11 brings several new features to the 664
and 633 mixer/recorders, one of which is QR Codes for quick smartphone access to
important online documentation, such as an Approved Media List and the User Guide
for that product. It also offers a new User Bits mode that allows jamming of
external timecode user bits.

With the CL-12, the 664 and 633 gain sunlight-viewable, 22-segment LED metering,
plus 7-segment PFL metering with limiter activity. The CL-12 also offers three user-
programmable buttons as well as numerous dedicated back-lit buttons for quick
access to key functionalities, such as metadata entry, transport controls, track
arming, routing, and much more.

When working with the CL-12, the 664 has a 54dB linear fader range across 12
linear faders, High Pass Filter control on channels 7-12, and Input Phase control on
channels 2, 4, and 6. When attached to a CL-12, the 633 has a full 96dB linear fader
range available across six linear faders, High Pass Filter control on all channels, and
Input Phase control on channel 2.

The CL-12 also includes two additional USB ports — one for a USB keyboard
connection for efficient metadata entry, and one for powering an optional USB

The CL-12 comes in two models: the standard CL-12, with aluminum sides, and the
CL-12 Alaia™ (pronounced “ah-LIE-ah’). The CL-12 Alaia features smooth-gliding
Penny & Giles faders and custom hardwood side panels in either Blonde Maple or
Red Mahogany. The side panels are handmade by Amish craftsmen at the
Wisconsin-based J&E Custom Woodworks, located near Sound Devices’