Soundcraft by HARMAN recently announced the new Ui24R, a complete digital
mixing and multitrack recording system that delivers flexible I/O, pristine sound
quality, intuitive wireless control, and roadworthy reliability—all in a streamlined
design. The system can be controlled by up to 10 devices via Ethernet or built-in
dual-band Wi-Fi, making it possible to control mixing and multitrack recording
wirelessly. Renowned Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech signal processing ensures pristine
sound, while 20 Studer-designed microphone preamps deliver more professional
inputs than any other mixer in its class. The compact, rack-mounted Ui24R is part
of the new HARMAN Connected PA ecosystem and offers
unprecedented control, versatility and power at an incredible value.

“The Soundcraft Ui24R digital mixing and multitrack recording system delivers the
power and capability of a large-format console in a compact and convenient
solution,’ said Scott Wood, Solutions Manager, Mixing at HARMAN Professional
Solutions. “High-quality technology and components, including renowned signal
processing from Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech, as well as Studer preamps, provides
incredible results for rehearsing, performing, recording, overdubbing and more.
From the stage to the studio, Ui24R is the ultimate system for artists, venue owners
and engineers who need to save space and deliver superior sound.’

Ui24R provides 24 input channels, including 10 combo/XLR, 10 XLR, two line level,
and two digital mix channels for a total of 24 simultaneous inputs. Renowned Studer
preamps deliver rich sound for live performance and multitrack recording
applications, while iconic Lexicon reverbs, choruses, delays, and dbx compression
offer polished results for vocals, acoustic guitar and more. dbx AFS2 automatic
feedback suppression is available on all monitor outputs, providing an excellent live
experience. Plus, two channels of DigiTech guitar and amp modelling bring a host of
effects to any performance or recording, particularly when low stage volume is

Ui24R redefines the live mixing experience by giving engineers the freedom to
control mixes from anywhere in the venue. Up to 10 devices can be connected
simultaneously across reliable dual-band Wi-Fi, so musicians can adjust their
individual mix on stage while the FOH engineer optimizes the audience experience.
Thanks to HTML5 compatibility, the system can be controlled from any modern
browser—including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices—without
installing any apps.

Ui24R allows engineers and musicians to redundantly record their stereo mix, plus
all 22 multitrack inputs, directly to a USB storage drive and a connected computer.
The Ui24R is equally at home as the centrepiece of a multi-track recording studio,
with easy integration between its USB audio interface and the user’s DAW of choice.

Soundcraft Ui24R will be available starting in March, 2017. For more information
please visit