First Redeemer Church’s active and wide-ranging production schedule includes
weekly radio, video and live events, from spoken word and contemporary five-piece
bands to concerts and large choir and orchestral productions. A Studer by HARMAN
Vista V digital console is at the heart of every performance, delivering the flexibility
and sound quality any active broadcaster requires.

Typical Sunday mornings for the production team begin with a band and rhythm
section rehearsal, followed immediately by a full choir and orchestra rehearsal, and
then a quick reset back to the band to begin the day’s programs.

“Between rehearsals and productions, we have a tight schedule, where we’re
switching between very different shows and events, often with little time in
between,’ said Jeff Baggett, Director of Audio for First Redeemer Church. “The
Studer Vista V allows us to set up an almost unlimited number of control and I/O
configurations that we can switch to instantly. System flexibility and ease-of-use
are critical for us, and the Vista V allows us to set up anything we need.’

The Vista V is used for live front-of-house and monitor mixing for an average of
about 70 channels. A pre-broadcast mix is sent from the main console in the 2,200-
seat sanctuary up to the in-house studio via MADI fiber, where it is repurposed for
broadcast production.

“The sound quality of this console is awesome,’ said Baggett. “When we first
brought it in, we had a chance to A/B compare the Studer console with our existing
desk, and there was really no comparison. The Vista V sounds amazing live and in
post. We’ve since brought in a full drum enclosure, and we moved our choir back.
The Studer Vista V has really helped us dial in and upgrade our sound.’

Baggett and First Redeemer Church are already planning for future expansion. The
church will be breaking ground soon on a new children’s theater and school as part
of a three-story education complex.

“When we open up the new theater and facilities, we want to keep with the Studer
and Soundcraft family of consoles,’ said Baggett. “We want to be able to have
engineers move around, work with different productions and be familiar with the
desks. At the same time, we’re working to connect other rooms and facilities
together with networked audio, like our gym and banquet hall, since we have a lot
of events outside the sanctuary. The service and support we get from HARMAN
Professional Solutions are very valuable, and we will continue with the relationship
as we grow.’